Tuesday, September 13, 2016

100 Word-Rio challenge

100 word story

As you know, the Olympic Games have been held in Rio and the Paralympics will be starting soon.  We will use this great festival of sport for our prompt this week.
It is:
…I could see the finish line, then…
Things to consider:
  • Which sport is this?
  • What might be going to happen?
  • How do you feel?

Plan here
Sports: Athletics
Characters: Usain Bolt(Jamaica) ,Justin Gatlin(Usa),

Begin writing here.
It all come down to the last race just one more gold as i said in my head nervous as i was versing some of the most successful  athletes.3,2,1 BANG .as i started running all the athletes were trying to outwit each other comp just to win one gold medal!. As i was holding the lead one of the competitors catched up as he was trying his hardest .after 2 minutes there was 21 metres left than 11 metres than 2 metres then 0 metres as i won the race. was announced i wont 5 gold medal .

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


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